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Introducing Auto-ship plan

How do you like our BISA Foot Sheet?  Have you tried our new products, Footwell, CERABAN, and Dr. Half Socks? We hope you are enjoying using our products.

Today, I would like to introduce you an Auto-ship subscription plan.

"Auto-ship subscription plan" was made by the request of customers who purchased BISA Foot Sheet. It is a system that delivers the sheet on a regular basis to you.

* With the Auto-ship plan, we will give you a discount!

For example, if you sign up with Auto-ship plan for BISA Foot Sheet, the product price will be $29.50 ($5.00 discount! regular $34.50), S/H is a half $3.00, and total is $34.71, a whopping $8.88 deal! If you order two boxes or more, S/H is free!

* With the Auto-ship plan, you don't need a cumbersome re-order!

We ship our product to your place automatically every 30 days.

* Peace of mind since you can "stop" and "resume" the service at any time.

Just call us or send us email.

***** Please contact us by email, or call us at 323-346-4441 *****

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