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Which product should I choose?

BISA Foot Sheet CERABAN Dr. Half Socks far-infrared rays Footwell hallux valgus insomnia Oriental medicine pain stiffness

The only goal of us Lemington of America is to help maintain your health. In order to do so, we have a large assortment of goods in stock. As the variety of our products increases, we sometimes receive a question like "In such a condition, which product should I choose?" The simple answer will be as follows.


1) At night, I want to sleep comfortably and deeply. And then, in the morning I want to wake up relaxed.

Our recommendation > BISA Foot Sheet

Just apply one BISA Foot Sheet to each sole before going to bed! You can sleep comfortably and soundly, relieve stress and wake up refreshed! BISA Foot Sheet demonstrates an outstanding effect on leg swelling, cramps and insomnia. and the need to use bathroom during the night. Especially from our elderly customers, we have gotten a lot of good feedback like "The number of times I needed to use bathroom during the night has decreased."


2) I want something that can reduce the pain and fatigue of the legs that are caused by walking and working hard.

Our recommendation > Dr. Half Socks

This product can be said a daytime version of BISA Foot Sheet. Since you can wash and use them many times, it’s a good deal.


3) I have trouble in the leg, such as hallux valgus. Also for cosmetic purposes, I want to have beautiful legs.

Our recommendation > Footwell

By reasonably and naturally open the toes of feet, you can stand in the correct position, and promote the health of the legs.


4) I feel pain and stiffness in my shoulder, hip, knee or on the back.

Our recommendation > CERABAN

This is a small patch product that you can paste pinpoint where you feel pain and stiffness. The magnetic and BISA (far-infrared rays emitting fine sand, our company’s special ingredient) effect work deeply, penetrate into the affected area.


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