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Importance of blood circulation

BISA Foot Sheet Blood circulation Oriental medicine

BISA Foot Sheet helps warm your sole to improve your circulation. You may wonder how blood circulation affects our health, right?

Your body’s blood circulation is very important in maintaining your health. Every day, your body works hard constantly to circulate five liters or more of blood throughout your body. The blood circulation helps your organs function, delivers nutrients and hormones, regulates your pH, and contributes to all bodily processes.

If your blood circulation becomes poor, you will receive insufficient amounts of blood to certain parts of the body. Some factors such as plaque buildup show the blood down and limit the effectiveness of transportation to the legs, arms, heart and other important areas.

Poor circulation is most common in elderly people but should be taken seriously at any age. Poor circulation affects people seriously, and if left untreated, it can cause severe damage to your brain, heart, liver, kidney and limbs.


From Lemington of America:

If you have some signs of poor blood pressure, we are sure you talk with your doctor… 


Our BISA Foot sheet will help you improve your circulation!

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