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Foot swelling – how it occurs and how to solve the problem

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Foot Swelling

I think many people have experience that languid ... bloated feet in the evening.

Don’t you have experience like, after you were standing all day, or sitting through the day at desk work, you felt your shoes too tight in the evening? Sometime your feet swell so badly that if you press a part of your leg with your fingers, the mark remains clearly on the leg. Such a "swelling" is medically referred to as edema, one of the symptoms that are common in women.

So, what are the causes of swollen feet?

The main causes of the swelling of the legs are "disease or pathological things that come from injury" and "those of the transient things that subside in a short period of time."

Pathological causes include disease of the liver and kidney, diseases of the blood vessels and lymph vessels and toxemia of pregnancy.

Edema subsides in about 1 to 2 hours after getting up is considered to be transient, not pathological.

Older people more often experience this type of swelling than younger people. While it usually does not pose a significant health risk, it is important to know when to see a doctor since swelling may indicate a more serious underlying health issue.


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