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Why nocturia (frequent bathroom use during the night) happens? (1)

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It is hard to go to the bathroom after you get to sleep. When you go to the bathroom many times in the middle of the night, you will not get enough sleep.  In addition, in order to walk to the toilet in the dark, there is also a danger of falling down. It might also interfere with your work.

Today, I will talk about the causes of nighttime frequent urination.

Among the "frequent urinations", symptoms such as going to the toilet more than once at bedtime is called “nocturia.” As a cause of nocturia, several diseases and symptoms are considered, such as congestive heart failure, renal dysfunction, sleep apnea syndrome, prostate hypertrophy, and diabetes.

1) Nocturia caused by congestive heart failure

Lower limbs tend to be swollen when you are awake during the day.

In the night, however, because of less gravity effect, blood that has accumulated in the lower limbs is going back to kidney and heart. At that time, if your heart function is too weak to handle all the returning blood, your body tends to "get rid of it as pee" as soon as possible, resulting in frequent bathroom visits at night. This is the nocturia due to congestive heart failure.


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