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BISA Foot Sheet

$ 34.50

BISA Foot Sheet is a foot care product to healp maintain your health. BISA Foot Sheet is designed to use during night. BISA Foot sheet helps you sleep well by naturally warming you from your sole, and wake up refreshed. This sheet relieves the pain of legs, relieve the stress from muscle cramps, gives gentle massaging effect, and relaxes your feet. BISA Foot Sheet contains ingredients originated from natural plant extract, including wood vinegar, bamboo vinegar, dokudami, loquat. In addition to them, it contains our special ingredient, BISA powder.

BISA is a very fine sand that contains various kinds of minerals that are only found in a specific area of JAPAN. BISA radiates far-infrared rays with a "specific wavelength range" that is known for good health.

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BISA Powder, Wood Vinegar, Bamboo Vinegar, Dokudami Powder, Loquat Powder, Chitosan,     Vitamin C, Starch.

Size: 30mmW x 60mmL (1.18 inchesW x 2.36 inchesL)

Quantity: 30 sheets per box

Country of Manufacturer: Japan

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